January 27, 2024

Family Literacy Day


These year we are celebrating Family Literacy Day, all week!
From Jan. 22-28, do something to celebrate every day!

This years theme is Let’s Have a Party!

Family Literacy: It’s easier than you think because Life Is Literacy! If you take a few moments to explain every day activities to your kids, that’s family literacy.
Grocery shopping? Give them an item to find. Talk about prices and how money works.
Doing laundry? Have them sort clothes by colour or texture.
Cooking? Talk about weights and volume, fractions, measuring, and read the recipe together.
If you do any research online, that’s digital literacy. Talk about how you use a search engine.
It’s not just reading and writing (though that is very important too!), it’s teaching kids about life.

January 24, We donated books for the Grade 2s at Barr Colony School to take home for their own home libraries. Pam Mather (school VP) and Gerry Lampow (106.1 The Goat) took time to share the moment with us. News Article HERE

The book we have chosen to celebrate Family Literacy Day 2024 is Barbara Reid’s The Party.

StoryWalk(R) of The Party

WHERE: Lloydminster Public Library
WHEN: 1pm Jan 22, 2024 to closing January 28. *Check LPL for their hours of operation*
WHAT: Walk through the shelves as you read The Party with your kids! After, drop off your feedback form for a chance to win a copy of the book.
WHY? “Children whose parents are involved with them in family literacy score 10 points higher on standardized reading tests.” ABC Literacy.

We have different activity ideas for every day during Family Literacy week!

And lots more activity ideas can be found at FamilyLiteracyDay.ca.

More information on our StoryWalkTM of The Party at the Lloydminster Public Library, and the LPL’s Unbirthday Party activities will be announced soon.

The Sask Literacy Network has chosen the book Welcome to the Cypher, by Khodi Dill. Besides the LLCA events, SLN also has online events and activities planned the week of Jan 22 – 28, 2024. There will be a live read on Jan 26 & 27 (online).

Many schools also participate in Family Literacy Day, so check out your child’s elementary school to see what they have planned to promote family literacy.