Coming FALL 2024

Workshop location: TBD


Workshop Time: TBD

Fee: $200 (includes $45 manual)

This is a certification that teaches you how to respond to someone experiencing a mental health crisis, while professional help is sought. This is not a counselling or therapy certification. More information on what this course is and how it will help you can be found here.

From the April 2023 MHFA course

I signed up so I would have the confidence to deal with any mental health crisis that occurred in my presence. Whether with the people I deal with at work, a close friend, even with my children as they grow older, or someone in a public place, this course was invaluable to me. People seem to naturally gravitate to me; to tell me things, to seek guidance, and I was always aware of how important that is but it can be difficult to deal with. Now I not only know what to do in a crisis situation, I know how to care for myself afterwards.
And Neil Harris is a fantastic facilitator. He is calm, and conscientious of the heavy material being presented. If you’re on the fence about taking this course, please take the leap and sign up. It could save the life of someone you know. Participant in April 2023

Here is an older video from a MHFA facilitator in Regina, explaining WHAT mental health first aid is.



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