Making your own video is fun and easy!

All you need is a phone or laptop with a camera and microphone. While professional equipment will definitely help, chances are that you already have everything you need to get started. Here are some quick pointers that will help you get great results with any level of equipment and experience.

  • A basic script helps a lot. There is something about being in front of a camera that causes people to stumble. Tape prompts behind your camera that will help you remember what you will be saying.
  • Do short takes. It is easier and less error-prone to record a series of short segments than to try to get out one long segment without making a mistake.
  • “If life is but a stage, I want better lighting!” – David Lee Roth (yes, that one)
    It’s true. Better lighting makes everything seem better. Natural sunlight such as indirect light from a window will provide a complimentary glow with soft shadows. Try shooting using a large window as a light source. You don’t need direct sunlight (in fact, direct sun adds harsh shadows).

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  • Be sure people can hear you! The mic on your phone or laptop is fine if you are close (within a metre or so), but you will need an actual mic to avoid sounding tinny if you are further away.
  • Speak clearly and about a third more slowly than you are used to.
  • Be aware of ambient noise. The microphone will pick up stuff you ear ignores (echoes, the refrigerator, wind, street noise). Record in a quiet space, and be prepared to do it a few times.

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More Tips

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